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call center solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Using Call Center Dialer Software

Believe it or not, merely 10 years ago, the process of lead generation required hours and hours of sifting through long lists of contacts and phone nu...

call center solutions

10 ways to instantly motivate your millennial call center agents

The year is 2025, and over 75% of the labor force is millennials or Gen Y...are you prepared? Millennials, or those ages 18-34 in 2015, are intrinsica...

call center solutions

Top 5 call center inbound kpis[infographic]

How are you running your inbound call center? Odds are you are looking at certain reporting and industry standardized metrics. But, are you looking at...

call center solutions

Top 12 Outbound Call Center KPIs

Top Outbound Call Center KPIs If you’re managing an outbound call center, the issue isn’t really whether or not to measure operations. Rather, the iss...

call center solutions contact center software AI

5 reasons why call center AI will enhance, not replace agents.

As technology advances, we all have that utopian dream of having all our problems answered at a click of a button. No matter the difficulty. No matter...

call center solutions rebrand contact center software

Why We Decided to Rebrand Our Software Company …10 Years Later.

- A letter from CEO of Convoso (formerly SafeSoft Solutions), Nima Hakim

call center solutions gamification rebrand contact center software

Changing the Name of the Game: SafeSoft Solutions Re-brands to Convoso

Woodland Hills, CA, September 21, 2016 (Newswire) -SafeSoft Solutions has officially announced their re-brand to Convoso. For over ten years, SafeSoft...

call center solutions gamification

Convoso Featured in San Fernando Valley Business Journal: Call Center Solutions "Game Change"

After nearly 10 years selling software that automated telemarketing calls, brothers Bobby and Nima Hakimi decided to change their game. The pair overh...

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