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Team Spotlight: Ernie Babinski

This week we shined the spotlight on the backbone of our support team, Ernie Babinski! Ernie is our trusted Level 3 Support Specialist and has been wi...

Call Center Agents

9 Signs You're a Call Center Agent

The year is 2017, and while technology has made the lives of call center agents much easier, we know that tech can only do so much to fix the day to d...

How to Instantly Motivate Your Millennial Call Center Agents (infographic) 

Managing millennials is one of the most pressing issues facing the call center industry in 2017. As every new day approaches us, the likelihood of you...

call center solutions

Life As A Call Center Manager: Told in Gifs

The life of a call center manager isn't always an easy one. But we can relate! Check out these seven instances that could have been taken right out of...

The Six Must-Haves for Inside Sales People

Looking for the right sales characteristics in the flood of technological improvements, along with the drastic differences in the emerging millennial ...

contact center software

How the Definitions of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS Affect Your Call Center

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS: No, these aren't Frank Zappa's triplets. They're actually different categories of cloud services.

Team Convoso

Team Spotlight: Raymond Hombrebueno

This week’s team spotlight takes a trip to our team in the Philippines to take a focus on Raymond Hombrebueno! Raymond is a Level 1 Tech Support Speci...

call center solutions

How Your Call Center Should Actually be Using Scripts

 While “staying off script” and candid may be beneficial for politicians and actors... the same cannot be said for call center agents that don't adher...

call center solutions

The Ultimate Guide to Using Call Center Dialer Software

Believe it or not, merely 10 years ago, the process of lead generation required hours and hours of sifting through long lists of contacts and phone nu...

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