"Telemarketing Compliance" TCPA "Compliance"

How to navigate the world of telemarketing compliance in 2019

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Our Two-Part Webinar Series in Partnership with Mac Murray & Shuster LLP

Understanding regulatory changes and compliance matters has never been more important. That’s why we partnered with a leading law firm to bring the latest and most critical information directly to you through a series of webinars. 

Michele Shuster is founding partner at Mac Murray & Shuster LLP and the co-host of this webinar with our CEO Nima Hakimi.

The series is focused on the following issues:

  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)
  • State & Federal Telemarketing Laws
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Call Blocking and Labeling Issues
  • Breaking News

Webinar 1

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Webinar 2


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