[Mini Blog 2] Call Center Gamification: Learning Made Easy & Enjoyable

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Welcome to The Starting Lineup's first ever mini-blog series! In this three part Q&A, our CEO Nima Hakimi will address all our common questions regarding gamification. We will roll out many more blogs in this series – feel free to leave any questions you have about our platform, company, or gamification itself in the comment section below!

Why do agents enjoy it?

One facet to our gamified platform is the Learning Management System. Agents really enjoy it because it keeps them motivated and up to speed from day one of their training. The LMS is where all your agent’s training materials are imported into the system, whether it's a video, a document, anything they need to know. This is where agents can be tested on their knowledge.

With such a substantial amount of content that can be thrown at agents during the onboarding process–the gamification aspect of a LMS can be what brings all the information together. Agents’, like human nature, are far more willing to take on new information when they are rewarded for doing so. This not only opens the door for a successful onboarding but also brings on new hires that want to work their way up the company ladder. 

Training and onboarding 

Training is the most critical step towards success for every single employee, and the LMS allows for a comprehensive learning process. Admins can have peace of mind knowing their agents have learned the information during onboarding, and at the same time the agents are getting recognized for it through the LMS’s points and rewards. Agents can then spend their accumulated points for rewards in the online store!

We found agents like that aspect of it transparency in the platform. I believe that employees get fired or quit, because they don’t know what’s expected of them. They don’t know what success looks like in the position. So what we did in this platform is provide a way you can set their goals for your employees. With this  you can show them what they need to achieve to be successful.

This allows for transparency to exist across the board. When agents are meeting the goals that have been set for them, they know they’re doing good. If they’re not meeting goals, then they can see the areas they need to change for improvement.


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Leave comments below regarding any questions for the rest of this series! 

Nima Hakimi

As CEO of Convoso Nima has worked hard to build the company into what it is today. From bringing building & maintaining company culture, and fostering team integrity, there is never a dull moment with Nima. Nima is digital marketing expert possessing 13+ years of SEO/SEM growth hacking experience. Nima has been an entrepreneur since day 1, and prior to Convoso had launched an ad network with 20M+ users at its peak, in addition to an entire social network on par with Facebook. Nima is a self-proclaimed “sports nut,” specifically a fan of the LA Lakers. While watching sports Nima has his eye on much more than the game itself – tracking and analyzing everything from rebounds to field goal%. Nima’s inherit knack for data & analytics has been key to identifying new business trends and overall business success.

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